Stellar for Remittances

Each year, over $500 billion of value is transferred cross-border through personal remittance payments. In most cases, remittances are transfers of money from foreign workers to family members in their home country, sent every month. For these consumers, fast and affordable remittance services are paramount to ensure that funds get to those who need them on time. Today, remittance service providers, wallet applications and fintechs can build on the Stellar network to help make remittance transfers faster and more affordable for those sending and receiving funds.

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Challenges with traditional remittances

With legacy systems, new entrants and growing fintech companies must establish in-country accounts and local bank relationships for every geography they wish to serve. Correspondent banks charge fees and make profit on the foreign exchange (FX) across currencies, which increases operating costs. To cover these additional costs, remittance service providers charge fees or build costs into the FX transaction thereby  passing the cost along to their customers. The end result is that remittance recipients receive less money.

In short, it’s hard to enter new markets or expand remittance services to people who need them most, as intermediaries cause slow settlement times and create additional operating costs.

How Stellar helps

Stellar records the movement of secure, digital representations of world currencies, helping businesses facilitate cross-border transactions without intermediaries like correspondent banks, but rather through two efficient payment standards

Businesses using Stellar can connect directly to a network of fully licensed fiat (traditional currency) acceptance and distribution partners called anchors

  • Anchors are licensed and regulated financial institutions, money service businesses, or fintech companies that provide fiat on/off ramps to the anchor country’s banking system.
  • Anchors often also provide ‘stablecoins’, one-to-one fiat-backed tokens, that users can redeem for fiat at any time.
  • Anchors handle local regulatory processes such as KYC/AML.

Anchors take care of deposits, redemptions, and compliance, so businesses building on Stellar can focus on their customers’ experience. The typical Stellar-powered remittance experience is simple:

  1. A sender funds the transaction in their country.
  2. The funds are received by an anchor and represented on Stellar in the form of fiat tokens. 
  3. Fiat tokens are converted over the Stellar network into the recipient’s currency via a path payment operation, using either the exchange rates on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (DEX) or facilitated through a market maker.
  4. Funds arrive in the destination country. They can be transmitted to either the end-recipient’s wallet, bank account, or another local rail.

What the user sees

  • Laura chooses to deposit USD
  • Enters her KYC info
  • Receives deposit instructions
  • Transfers funds via ACH
  • Receives USD tokens in her wallet
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  • Laura enters Victor’s wallet address
  • Chooses to send USD
  • And for Victor to receive BRL
  • Confirms the payment
  • Victor receives the payment in his wallet a few seconds later
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  • Victor selects the amount of BRL he’d like to withdraw
  • Enters his KYC info
  • Enters his bank account info
  • Confirms the withdrawal
  • Receives BRL in his bank account via TED
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Anchors and the businesses they support leverage Stellar’s efficiency to provide new, cost-effective financial services and cut intermediaries out of the settlement process. There’s a growing list of anchors around the world.

Benefits of the Stellar Network

Whether your company becomes an anchor, or uses an existing one, you’ll still enjoy all the benefits of the Stellar network.

ꦜTransactions on Stellar are confirmed in 3-5 seconds.

No pre-funding requirement
Real-time transactions in digital currencies minimize working capital requirements.

Currency support
🔥Transact in USD, EUR, NGN, MXN,  BRL, ARS, and more … or create new digital currencies for your specific needs by becoming an anchor.

✤Built-in features allow unified KYC/AML via partners and travel rule compliance.

Developer Tools
Stellar’s open-source developer resources ♚provide comprehensive documentation, SDKs, and tutorials.

Global Scale
🦂Stellar is a global network that can expand your company’s reach to new geographies and users.

Start using Stellar for remittances

Stellar’s expanding network of anchors, applications, and partner companies is changing how people send money across borders. Whether reducing the cost of remittances going to the developing world or enabling companies to expand to new geographies, Stellar creates frictionless access to the global financial system and improves access for the world’s unbanked. Curious how the Stellar network could help you move value across borders and grow your business? We’d love to talk. Contact us now to get started.‍