Stellar for Cross-border Payments

Millions of businesses around the world contribute to the nearly each year. The most common method for US businesses to move funds across borders is , which takes a considerable amount of both time and money. Introduced in 2015, Stellar is an open network for moving valueꦕ internationally with standard instructions, a more modern and transparent way to make B2B payments. Like SWIFT, only, digital, modern, fast - and open to all.

How Cross-border Payments Happen

Whether paying remote staff, getting paid by customers, or sending money to key suppliers, there’s a cost when transacting between different currencies. Convoluted pathways for both B2B and B2E/B2C payments use multiple banks and institutions that are slow to initiate transactions and dictate high exchange rates and fees. Stellar replaces the process of the international wire and currency conversion in a single pathway, making transactions fast and efficient.
🍌, , or ) to handle compliance with local tax and employment regulation. Marketplaces will decide both sides, they’ll accept certain payment methods from customers, and also have workers/service

The Stellar Solution

With these amounts typically being smaller and more time sensitive, Stellar allows for fast and efficient transactions.

Perform the same transaction in minutes for a fraction of a penny, making sure your employees or customers are never left waiting.

Stellar solution

The Stellar Solution: Fast. Efficient. Modern.

Stellar combines the power of a frictionless, blockchain-based pathway for payments, with local partners to provide on/and off ramps to the world’s currencies. These partners, called Anchorsꦗ, move value on the Stellar network, while accepting and paying out traditional currency in their local geography.

Both the service provider and the buyer can transact in their own, local currency, without the need for an intermediary bank. In essence, Stellar replaces the process of the international wire and currency conversion in a single pathway.